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Bat Rabies

Date: Mon 10 Sep 2012

Source: L.A. Times [edited]

45 rabid bats have been discovered in Los Angeles County so far this
year [2012], the highest number in modern history, authorities said
Monday [10 Sep 2012].

The previous high for a single year was 38 in 2011, and it is unclear
what factors led to the increase.

13 of the rabid bats were found in the Santa Clarita area, according
to a map of all the cases compiled by the Los Angeles County
Department of Public Health. There are usually only 10 positive rabid
bat reports a year.

Authorities warned the public to avoid handling bats and to report any
found in homes or other places frequented by people to local animal
control, especially if the animals are seen during the day.

Healthy bats tend to stay away from humans and are most active at
night, authorities said.

[Byline: Jason Song]

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