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Cats, like humans, can experience problems with their bladder and urinary tract at virtually any time in their life. Unlike humans, however, cats can’t talk about their problems so it is much more difficult to identify the differences between true medical issues such as a urinary tract infection and other common problems. Understanding common behaviors and symptoms to watch out for in your cat is an important part of keeping your cat healthy.   Continue Reading »

Apart from the cat’s natural desire to move away from the offensive odor of its litterbox, you may be responsible for many litterbox problems your pet cat is having. A cat’s sense of smell is far more sensitive than your nose.   Continue Reading »

Poor cat – he’s a victim of the myth that cats are indifferent to attention. That’s not true for every cat. A bored cat can create just as much havoc around your home as an unsupervised toddler – maybe even more.

In fact, strange behavior in your cat is often a sign that he’s trying desperately to get you involved in his world. How do you entertain a cat? Continue Reading »

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