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Catnip isn’t just a cat thing. Actually catnip is a nickname for a plant that comes from the mint family. For a cat, catnip is like one too many martinis. The reaction may be wild and crazy or totally oblivious in that classic “who cares” manner that cats do so well.

Inside catnip is a chemical element called “nepetalactone,” which seems to prompt amazing reactions that are different for each cat. While you can’t smell it, catnip has a unique scent to a feline.   Continue Reading »

Scratching is a natural behavior for cats, no matter how it might impact the fabric on your $5,000 new sofa. Your cat isn’t scratching to defy you – but he is sending you a message. That message is, “give me something to scratch!”

When his urge to scratch hits, he isn’t too picky about what to scratch. In the wild, everything is fair game. Your cat isn’t trying to damage your belongings. He’s trying to sharpen his claws.   Continue Reading »

For the well cared indoor kitty, the average cat life expectancy is 12 to 15 years, with females cats generally living a year or two more.

Outdoor cats on the other hand don’t have such an easy life. They experience stress and survival issues everyday – their life span is significantly less at only two to five years.

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