The Ergo Pet Feeder….Great for Fat Cats and multiple cat families.
Can be set for up to eight times a day for any amount.
For cats on a diet have it dispense a small amount frequently throughout the day.
For multiple cats place two feeders in separate areas to feed at the same time.


Autopetfeeder Features (from the manufacturer):

  • It comes in 3 sizes – small (5 lbs), medium (10lbs) and large (20 lbs)
  • Can be kept anywhere at home. (Kitchen, laundry room, garage etc.)
  • Airtight covers on storage containers keep food fresh
  • Clear storage containers on feeders enable visibility
  • The large opening in the food store bin of the feeders enable easy restocking of pet food
  • Detachable bowl for easy cleaning. Pet food does not have to be emptied from the storage container to clean bowl

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